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Leah Stuttard


Leah Stuttard hails from a Lancashire mill town and has played the medieval harp for over 15 years. The first medieval music she loved was on scratchy out-of-circulation David Munrow LPs that she bought for £1 from the local library. She has worked with famous names such as Jordi Savall and appeared around the world from Los Angeles to Rome, Madrid to Copenhagen as well as on radio in France, Denmark, Texas and the UK. For over 12 years she’s worked with the lively Italian group, Micrologus and continues to provide them with a certain Anglo Saxon je ne sais quoi. Her fluent gutter Italian was learnt whilst playing cards with some of the more ruthless members of that group. In contrast, her recent pairing with Agnethe Christensen is creating rich melanges of plucked string timbres complementing Agnethe’s fruity deep and crystal high vocal tones. They have performed in Norway, Italy, Estonia, Denmark and across the UK.