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In memory of our wonderful colleague, the incomparable
Ariane Prüssner

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TuneTag on Hastings Beach


My all time favourite film from our #TuneTag series last Summer is Ariane performing Mia irmana fremosa, Martin Codax. She gave us an amazing tour round Rock-a-Nore Beach in Hastings despite the smell of fish! This video never fails to put a smile on my face.

Steph Williams

Although I only knew Ariane via zoom and emails, I felt she was a real friend over the past 8+ months since I joined the workshops and the weekly sessions have been my lifeline during this miserable lockdown time, with her warmth and enthusiasm.

Trudi S

The Telling autumn 2020.jpg

Ariane, Clare, The Telling – you have been a source of salvation during lockdowns. Before the pandemic, I’d never heard of the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat… Sephardic songs… mediaeval lullabies and carols from all across Europe and beyond… Ariane introduced her Friday morning Zoom singers to them all with a unique warmth and style which made them so very special - a weekly tonic for the soul when the world around was falling apart. She often talked about us all getting together some day and singing them live – how sad that it was not to be. I was privileged to meet her, and Clare, just once at the live concert in north London on a sunny September evening in 2020, charming the small, socially distanced audience with their beautiful voices and Ariane’s perfect accompaniment on the harp. Just once - yet I feel as though I have lost a friend - one of those bright flames who could light up any space, just with their presence. Thank you, Ariane - may you sing for ever to the stars.

Sue C


Back in the mid-1990s Clare recruited Ariane into an early music group called Fifth Element which we had set up initially to sing the music of Hildegard of Bingen. Her gorgeous voice, rich but 'straight', had an immediate effect on the group, whether in solos or blending with the others in unison chant. And beside the musical influence, her warm, enthusiastic personality lifted everyone involved, making rehearsals and performances always a pleasure. She and Clare were obviously made to sing together, so it was great to see them team up again when Ariane returned to the UK after a spell living abroad. And now this sad news. So much was possible...

John M


Very sad and upset.
Always in our hearts.
Fly away and sing Ariane.

Toni G

How I adored Ariane's voice and admired her musicianship! She was my singing teacher when I was learning to sing the Christus in Bach's St John Passion. And she was crazy about Robert Schumann's Lieder which enthralled me too. When we worked together on 5th Element's CD, I managed to persuade her to sing Guillaume Dufay's extraordinary sacred canzona 'Vergene bella'. What a cruel loss this is. Sleep tight Ariane.

Peter B

I worked with Ariane in the singing group, Fifth Element. In particular, I remember a rehearsal in her flat. I think she had very recently had her daughter and there she was holding her in her arms, beaming, as was her partner and letting in all these musicians to the small space!! The room was filled with her happiness, openness and warmth. I was a huge admirer of her voice: it was absolutely beautiful and exuded the same openness and warmth as well as a first class musicality. There is no question that she was taken from the world far too soon but she remains an inspiration to us all and we know that all our lives have been enriched through knowing her.

Jessica S

Ariane was a beautiful being, and I was knocked out by a great upwelling of grief when I heard the news that I/we would never see her again.  I had fallen under the thrall of The Telling the very first time I heard them at the Kino in St Leonards a few years ago, and had gone to her after the show to ask her if I could have lessons with her.  She was a beautifully sensitive teacher, although I was not a very talented pupil... I didn't enjoy singing on Zoom that much, and was hoping to see her again 'in the flesh' some time, go for a coffee or a walk on the hill... We can imagine her now singing and playing her harp with the angels...

Saskia H

I was shocked to see this. I knew Ariane when she was living in West Hampstead in London. So charismatic, lovely voice and wonderful piano-playing, she gave me some lessons. I did a search for her a couple of years ago, and emailed her, probably at about the time she was getting very ill. So sorry to read about this.

Jack R


Red wine, Daleks, laughter - all with my singing sister, Ariane


Ariane was my “singing sister” - she is forever singing in my heart and I will never forget her.


Some of my best memories of her are being converted to whiskey with her after a wonderful concert in Totnes with lovely hosts, laughing hysterically so much so that I couldn’t sing (often in rehearsals and once in a concert!) & going on Radio 4’s Saturday Live and before hand taking photos outside the Tardis and with a Dalek in the BBC foyer

- and of course, lots of joyous singing, love and laughter - and red wine after concerts!

Clare Norburn

Lucente Stella - a song she wanted to share with you all


At the end of Episode 7 of Love in the Lockdown, there is the most extraordinary film of Ariane singing, a cappella, a song she really wanted to share with you all - Lucente Stella. It is Ariane at the top of her game & the last piece she recorded. We urge you to watch and hear and see it. And in doing so, to remember our much-loved friend and colleague. Here it is in its full glory. She is truly incomparable.

The Telling

I am full of sadness that she is gone  - way before her time, but feel lucky and happy that I was able to get to know her during this very strange period 2020-21. I feel a little lost now that the retreat sessions have ended, but will try to get more familiar with all the lovely music I was introduced to by Ariane.  Rest in Peace Ariane and Thank you!

Roberta C


I was so sad and shocked at the announcement of Ariane's death. We attended The Telling concerts when they came to Worthing and Hove. The music was new to us but we always enjoyed the evenings. Ariane's voice in particular was amazing and had an ethereal quality to it which was mesmerizing. She will be much missed. Thank you.


“Schlafe, schlafe in der Flaumen Schooße, noch umtönt dich lauter Liebeston; eine Lilie, eine Rose, nach dem Schlafe werd‘ sie dir zum Lohn.” From singing with The Telling in Retreat last October, I found this in my gratitude journal. With much love & gratitude for Ariane’s beauty & spiritual healing.



A brief Herstory of our time 2020/21


We came together in a small group here in Hastings & named ourselves Las Rosas after one of the songs Ariane taught us. We had already been lucky enough to take part in a concert here in Hastings with The Telling as members of a small choirchoir. Following on that experience, a few of us were so entranced by Ariane's charisma that we wanted to go deeper into her music. We were fortunate that she lived in Hastings & so eventually we managed to get together & have a few live sessions before Covid struck. Hardly missing a beat, Ariane & Clare took to Zoom as if it was natural & kept us afloat week after week. We, Las Rosas had the benefit of being able to sing live with Ariane during the summer of 2020, in 'our Pavilion' in Alexandra Park. She gave us her time & energy unstintingly. We feel blessed & lucky that we have this to remember her by.

Laetitia Y for Las Rosas Hastings

Ariane had a very expressive voice; quite unique and instantly recognisable. Every note she sang, it was straight from the heart. So dedicated, working through her illness virtually until the end. Thank you Ariane for your music.

David (FHR)

I only just heard the devastating news of Ariane's passing. Can't quite comprehend it yet. Such a gifted linguist, soloist and harpist. 
During lock-down it was my life line and introduction to Sephardic songs. Wishing everybody close to her strength in dealing with this loss.
Rest in Peace Ariane and Thanks for sharing your many talents with us.


Adriana P

The Telling-8080234.jpg

I did not have the good fortune to meet Ariane in person, but even as a small image on a Zoom meeting screen her enthusiasm and passion for her music shone through. I feel so fortunate that she introduced me to this wonderful music, and I have a particular affection for the lullabies we sang in the early days. I shall always think of her when I sing these to my granddaughters.

My enduring memory of Ariane is of her with her harp, and her beautiful smile, which expressed more than words the joy she felt in sharing the music she loved.

Julia W

I’m devastated by the news of the death of my dear friend Ariane: I recorded a CD of duets with her and I have videos of us busking together in Paris: she came to teach in the music school where I work and the year she spent in Paris we did many things together with small Marlene.

I had so much fun performing with Ariane in Paris and then going to a good restaurant and spending the money we had gathered. It was 15 or 16 years ago. After staying a year in Paris, they moved to Barcelona
I am so sad to hear that she died of lung cancer. She was such a dear person and such a wonderful singer and pianist.

Isa L

It’s hard to find the words to express the sadness experienced by the loss of someone as beautiful and talented as Ariane. Her voice lifted your heart. During the ups and downs of lockdown, Friday mornings in Retreat became very special to me,  something to look forward to, confident that the Joy Ariane was able to communicate would leave me with a beaming smile and raised spirits. What an extraordinary gift she shared. Thank you Ariane.

Sue R

I always wanted to play music and Ariane was an Angel, who gave me a first lesson on Russian dulcimer... The memory of her mellow singing will always stay in my memory. I am fortunate to have her CD. Thank you, dear Ariana, you are the Star, which your last song is about, the memory about you will always stay beautiful and in the same time, tragic... I am sure you now are in between ones, who destined to sing love songs forever. Thank you for your time with us.


Having been lucky enough to see The Telling live a few times as part of the Colchester Early Music concert series, the regular Telling In Retreat Friday singing sessions have been a joy and delight. Ariane's beautiful voice, her pleasure in the music and her ability to share her enthusiasm with us made them really special moments during difficult times. She introduced us to such a wide range of songs and gave me the chance to sing the early music I love. Thank you Ariane.

Ella H

I remember Ariane singing the extraordinary “Canzonetta spirituale sopra la nanna" by Merula at a concert at Holy Trinity with Clare. She brought such expression and poignancy to that powerful piece. Ariane, you are sorely missed!

Peter W


Ariane, no t'oblidem

Josep C

I only met and sang with Ariane and Las Rosas for a short time but that experience will stay with me now. She had the gift of generosity combined with wonderful talent and skill and I feel lucky to have come within her orbit and shared all those zoom sessions with Clare and Steph. Thankyou x

Mary H

Ariane was the most amazing teacher, she was my coach, teacher, mentor and dearest friend for over 10 years in Barcelona. I am devastated by her passing, but I will always remember her words of advice, her beautiful voice and soul, and of course her laughter which filled the hearts of us all. 
Rest well Ariane and keep singing to us wherever you may be.

Bev G

UNSUNG FINAL 2021.00_46_40_07.Still011.j

She was my teacher in Barcelona for almost 5 years and I was devastated when she went back to GB..she left and I knew she was irreplaceable.. so many laughs, music and life shared. Last time I was in London we tried to meet but her singing agenda made it impossible, now I'm devastated again because I'll never see her again... I can't believe it. Rest in peace and keep singing sweetheart, I will never forget you

Teresa C

I still can't take in that the lovely Ariane has left this world and at such a young age. She was singing and playing beautifully right up to the end. I attended all her Friday morning workshops on Zoom right from the beginning and had no clue at all that she was not in the best of health. So many lovely people seem to be dying before their time.


I absolutely loved Ariane's pure angelic voice and will always remember it soaring effortlessly to the heavens, or so it seemed to me. And her divine harp playing too - not many people can be both a talented instrumentalist and a wonderful singer and combine the two skills at the same time so perfectly. Early music was made with Ariane in mind and I feel honoured to have attended all her wonderful workshops and concerts, some in person and some online. They will be treasured memories and it's so good to know that we still have all the recordings to revisit from time to time.


I will miss Ariane hugely even though sadly I never had the privilege to meet her in person.

Jackie F

My heart aches with sadness at Ariane’s passing. I grieve that I never had the chance to meet her in person, but I will treasure the memory of her Zoom sessions over the past year, when I so delighted in her gracious company and the musical treasures she shared so joyously with us each week. She was a wonderfully talented artist and a lovely person, a shining light in this world. Her singing of Lucente Stella, her "parting gift", is exquisite. Thank you for the music, Ariane, you are singing with the stars now.

Yvonne N


I loved singing with Ariane. It was a performance I can never forget.

Chloe L

I still have not got over the shock and disbelief I felt on receipt of this terrible news. Ariane's workshops, and all The Telling's other offerings, were a real light in the darkness of the days of lockdown. Friday mornings were always a special point in the weeks when all days were the same.  But it was not just the beauty of the music and lyrics and Ariane's wonderful singing and harp playing - these early songs gave a sense of the continuity of human history, of good times and bad, and a certainty that "this too shall pass". I shall be eternally grateful for this. Ariane and her amazing talents will be so sorely missed. I will always remember her singing my entry for the Martin Codax competition last summer. That was a wonderful experience. I would have loved to talk more to her about Hannover, where she came from. My grandmother lived there when I was a child and I know the city well; she lost much of her family in the Holocaust but went back to Germany to look after her brother who survived the concentration camps. It meant a lot to me to hear Ariane, a German woman, singing those beautiful old Jewish songs with such feeling and dedication. My sincere condolences to Clare and Steph, and to Ariane's husband, daughter and the rest of her family.

Michael B

E5 Memorial.png

I heard La Boheme on the radio today and for some reason it made me want to find out how Ariane's career was going. Ariane shared two apartments with me in East London in the mid-Eighties while we were both stretching our performing wings. She was Concorde to my turkey wings. I have good memories of her singing out across the rooftops of Whitechapel. Very graceful and a very kind-hearted person. She came and played piano while myself and another actor sung Irving Berlin to a (very) captive audience in nursing homes. She was so supportive and non-judgmental of our efforts. I remember that laugh too and those big brown eyes under the beret she used to wear.

Simon W

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