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The Telling in Retreat

Upon the announcement of the first lockdown and therefore cancellation of all planned live shows in 2020, The Telling launched In Retreat: a free weekly workshop series held from 11-11.30am every Friday morning and presented by mezzo Ariane Prüssner. At its height, we welcomed over 70 participants to learn to sing medieval, Sephardic and traditional songs over Zoom. The free edition ran from the first week of lockdown (27 March 2020) up to 6 November when our funding ran low. You can access the free workshops below.

From 13 November, we began the first of five themed workshop series (Carols, Sephardic Songs, Gardens of Delight, Women in Medieval Music, Spring Song and May Songs) for which we asked for a small fee and that ran up to the untimely death of workshop leader Ariane Prüssner in May 2021. The recordings of these workshops and their accompanying learning materials are available to purchase below.

The workshops are beginner-friendly and you do not need to be able to read music although scores are provided.

If you have already purchased an In Retreat package, you can access the dashboards here:

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