Carol Countdown

We're counting down to our final carol workshop and concert of the year with... carols!

Tuesday 22nd December

22.12 10am Joy & Jorge cover.jpg
22.12 11am Clare cover.jpg
22.12 1pm Jean cover.jpg
22.12 2pm Ariane.jpg
22.12 4pm Joy cover.jpg
22.12 5pm Clare cover.jpg
22.12 12pm Kaisa cover.jpg
22.12 3pm Giles cover.jpg
22.12 5pm Clare cover.jpg

Wednesday 23rd December

23.12 9am Kate cover.jpg
23.12 10am Ariane & Kaisa cover.jpg
23.12 11am Jean cover.jpg
23.12 12pm Giles cover.jpg
23.12 1pm Clare cover.jpg
23.12 2pm Kaisa cover.jpg
23.12 3pm Ariane cover.jpg
23.12 4pm Joy cover.jpg
23.12 5pm Giles cover.jpg
23.12 6pm Jean cover.jpg

In Retreat Singers present Es Ist Ein Rose Entsprungen

Available to watch from Wednesday 23rd December, 7.55pm