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Nicholas Renton


Nick comes from a musical family and studied mime in Paris with Jacques Lecoq. He began directing for theatre, then for television with films like The Interrogation of John, much of the BBC hit Hamish Macbeth starring Robert Carlyle, Far From the Madding Crowd, Andrew Davies’ adaptation of Wives and Daughters, and Uncle Adolf, Nigel Williams’ take on Hitler’s affair with Geli, his niece.


The Russian Bride with Lia Williams, Guy Hibbert’s modern version of Therèse Raquin, won FIPA Prix D’Or in Biarritz.  After making A Room with a View for TV with Elaine Cassidy, he was in Dublin to shoot an off-beat rom-com Little White Lie, in which she starred with Andrew Scott, and When Harvey Met Bob with Domhnall Gleeson and Ian Hart, the story of Bob Geldof and Harvey Goldsmith bringing LiveAid to Wembley. And later, three stories in the BBC’s Musketeers series.


He directed several of Clare Norburn’s concert-dramas Gesualdo - Breaking the Rules for The Marian Consort, The Empowered Women Trilogy for The Telling, and Creating Carmen for Carmen Co.

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