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In Retreat Sephardic Songs

Delve into the Sephardic Jewish tradition by learning some beautiful Sephardic songs with Ariane Prüssner


The In Retreat Sephardic Songs workshop series was presented by the late mezzo Ariane Prüssner and originally streamed live for 3 weeks from 8 – 22 January 2021. Each workshop is 30-45mins long.


Repertoire includes:

Woekshop 1: Durme, durme mi linda donzella and El Rey de muncho madruga

Workshop 2: Dame la mano, palomba and En el Café de amaneser

Workshop 3: recap plus Irme Kero (chorus only) and La rosa enflorese



This package includes recordings of each of the workshops, scores and practice lyric videos.


After checkout, you will receive an email including a download link to instructions on how to access the workshops and learning materials.

In Retreat Sephardic Songs

  • The Telling began the In Retreat workshop series in response to the first lockdown in 2020. They were held live every Friday morning on Zoom and presented by the late, great mezzo Ariane Prüssner who sadly died before her time in May 2021.

    The workshops are beginner-friendly and being able to read a score is not essential.

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