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Unsung Heroine & Vision Soundtracks [CD]

We never planned for this album. It’s a response to the sad and sudden loss of our incomparable colleague, Ariane Prüssner, who died tragically from undiagnosed lung cancer, early in May 2021.


Immediately, we realised that we had a wonderful legacy of these two soundtracks which were both recorded in the summer of 2020 in two very short sessions, each of three hours, which were never intended for release but were recorded for use as the soundtrack to two ‘art-house filmed versions’ of our concertplays Vision (the imagine testimony of Hildegard of Bingen) and Unsung Heroine (the imagined life and love of woman troubadour Beatriz de Dia).


In memory of our dear and incomparable colleague, Ariane Prüssner,

who died tragically early in May 2021.


We are thrilled to have this legacy of her wonderful voice which has touched so many, particularly through her weekly singing workshops during the 2020/2021 lockdowns.


This CD features the soundtracks of the online versions of our Hildegard concertplay Vision and Beatriz de Dia concertplay Unsung Heroine which we released in 2020. 


Performed by

Clare Norburn, voice

Ariane Prüssner, voice

Jean Kelly, medieval harp (Vision)

Joy Smith, medieval harp, percussion (Unsung Heroine)

Giles Lewin, vielle, bagpipes (Unsung Heroine)


Produced and edited by Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde

Recorded by Jiva Housden

Released via First Hand Records


Artwork photo by Robert Piwko

Unsung Heroine & Vision Soundtracks [CD]

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