Steph Williams


Steph studied BA Music at University of Leeds before moving to Brighton in 2016 to pursue film music composition by studying MA Music and Sonic Media at University of Sussex. While in Brighton, Steph undertook the events management traineeship with Brighton Early Music Festival during which she met The Telling's Artistic Director and Soprano Clare Norburn. At the end of the traineeship, Steph moved back to her hometown of Wolverhampton and interned as a journalist for new music magazine Born Music (now known as Clout) before being approached and hired by Clare and The Telling in 2018. Over the years (and now living in Shropshire), Steph’s role at The Telling has gradually expanded from administrative and marketing tasks to being responsible for design, video editing, running online workshops, and so much more.


Alongside her work for The Telling, Steph is the Managing Curator at Syncr Music where she curates music shortlists for consideration for use on TV and Film, and also works in A&R at Wolves Records.


Steph is also an active music composer, having written scores for shadow puppet company Shadowflix, being the creator of the soundworld of game company Cerberus Studios, and currently scoring her first animated short to be released in Summer 2022. Steph specialises in writing music that works both synced to a moving image as well as independently, and is particularly influenced by the fusion of ‘90s lo-fi/trip-hop, alternative rock and cinematic elements, moving away from the 21st century 'standard' film score sound.